Military History of New Zealand in World War II

Delving into the history of all countries can be exciting if you like to take a tour to the past of the world that stands high in technology and low in moral standards today. New Zealand is one country that has held on to its integrity with its activities and administration; even the latest combat against the pandemic is worth mentioning. Although many countries were a part of the World War, this country has had an important place in the formation of this world order.

Shaping a better community is the duty of each country, and New Zealand has been successful in serving justice to its citizens; be it through the struggles of Coronavirus or the boisterous battles of the World War II. History of New Zealand’s military and their role in the World War are to be studied for the sheer brilliance it holds. Let us have a look into the events that marked the significance of the military in the creation of a new world order.


The declaration of war against Nazi Germany was the beginning of the military’s actions in the Second World War. All sorts of occurrences that led to the war were said to have been existed since 3 September 1939. However, the war with Britain did not transpire until confirmation was received from the Britain authorities about the expiration of their ultimatum. Vocal opposition was expressed by New Zealand to fight fascism in Europe; the defensive and economic considerations were also motivators for the country’s involvement in the war. However, New Zealand’s reliance on Britain posed a risk to the country in the form of the threats that directed towards Britain being mirrored on New Zealand in terms of defensive and economic ties.

The Main Events

Job of a Soldier

Around 140,000 New Zealand personnel were appointed to serve overseas for the Allied war effort with over 100,000 armed men on Home Guard duty. Both home and overseas centers had armed men and women working all day around to fight against injustice. July 1942 was the time when the struggle had got to the peak state when almost 154, 549 people were working for the force. Around 10,000 women and 194,000 men had served in the armed forces by the end of the war. A Greek campaign had set in by June 1940, when an Expeditionary Force was deployed in three echelons for combat. If you love this battle from WW 2 have Apex Metal Signs make you a special WW2 vintage sign.

The period was a happening one that has gone down in the history of the country. The struggles in Maleme, Galatas were the ones that followed 1940, and the campaigns in North Africa, Pacific, and Italy marked the beginning of a new era for all the countries that were involved. The naval war against Japan was another significant event in the history of New Zealand. After deploying the forces against Germany and Italy in 1939, New Zealand also made its move against Japan in the battle for freedom from fascism.

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