The main goal of Nga Toa is to preserve New Zealand’s military history captured through the experiences of its soldiers.

World War II Veterans Discuss Complexities Of War

Hear a word or two about the different aspects of war coming from the mouth of individuals who were a part of a history that everyone wants to forget. By hearing their take and the struggles that they faced, we will be able to understand the heritage of our military history and the importance of preserving it. If you want a special metal military sign Apex Metal Signs can make you a very nice one.

Diverse Experiences

A unique and diverse experience is all that counts to make matters moving and helps individuals understand the kind of knowledge that is present all around us.

Audience’s Questions

Seeking clarification on specific aspects and gaining the same will be a delight in widening your scope of knowledge and helping you reach further down the road.

Virginia Military

Standing strong with a sense of firmness, Virginia Military deserves all your respect for the many accomplishments and goals that they have achieved.

Commitment Of Veterans Beyond Military Service

Heritage Action Alerts

The time for acknowledgement and remembrance is right now, as we gather around to honour individuals who have managed to change things forever.

Wartime Protections

With the right form of the essence and a will to learn from the best, we are here to look closer into the lives of individuals who will never be forgotten.

Expeditionary Force

The force that was always right and the force that was adamant about staying the same deserves everything in the world, and we are going to do our bit.

Veterans For Foreign Wars

  • Shop and support veterans.
  • Join our legacy of selfless service.
  • Let us help you file your VA claim.
  • Manage your membership and more.

Giving Back Is Simple

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Veteran Celebrations

“NGA TOA is the need of the hour because a lot of people have forgotten about their past and the different routes that they took to reach this particular place in life. So NGA TOA has all my attention.”


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