New Zealand Military

How to Join the New Zealand Military

The New Zealand Military holds a history that is worth being registered for the future generation to peruse upon. No bigger force exists in the country than the armed men and women who fight to protect the country. A desire to join the New Zealand Military has to be backed by proper guidance and physical training because you require the grit, wit, and brawn to pass the rigorous stages of the test. Operational experience, education, and training are the factors that decide your qualification for a particular post.

The laborious work will pay off when you pass the test to achieve great feats with flexible careers. Both military and civilian workforce are accessible with the careers you pursue in the military. With plenty of open opportunities to provide you with career options, you might end up teetering between the best ones. You will need to decide what post you want to apply for and then check through the requirements to qualify for it. Let us have a look at the procedures to follow while applying for different posts in the New Zealand military.


Procedures to Follow

Among the various roles available in the New Zealand military, you can opt for the one that suits you the best. Apprenticeship trades, hospitality, operational support, combat, aviation, engineering and technical trades, army reserve, specialist, medical and health, intelligence, IT and communications, navigation and security, and naval reserve are the trades available in the armed forces. The different apprenticeship trade roles include automotive technician, carpenter, electrician, and plumber.

Apart from this, you could also apply for the post of an officer. By becoming an officer, you become at the peak of the game by leading the subordinates through various challenging situations. Becoming an officer has its benefits; not just the financial perks but also the variety of jobs, traveling, leadership skills, better family and sociallife, and closer interaction with sports, technology and equipment, and logistics. Everything from commanding, leading, and training to strategical deployments, managing, and coordination of the team is the set of early responsibilities that an officer is conferred.

Entering the Job of a Soldier



This is a lot different from the post of officers and the other posts mentioned earlier. You will need to have to train yourself with combat skills, exercises and army drills, ethics, health and safety, and weapon operations. The training hours could go on for as long as the exercises and other lessons are learnt thoroughly. You might have to work in military camps overseas and in New Zealand, and also spend extended periods away from home in such assignments.

Eligibility criteria for the selection of army soldiers will include checking of:

  • Your age (17 years old or above)
  • Any criminal records to your name
  • Completion of three years of secondary school education
  • Medical and physical fitness
  • New Zealand citizenship

If you meet these requirements and become eligible for the position, you will need to pass fitness and aptitude tests and attend an interview for the selected trade.

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